Yes! I just bought my seven-year-old light up roller skates she loves going to Skate World and I am glad to carry on the tradition thank you guys so much for not closing it down

Melissa Honor

I spent nearly 10 years at this rink-- competing, working and playing. Debbie Berg was an excellent coach and friend. I'm so glad that my nephews will get to continue the tradition.

CeCe Beauchamp

Our granddaughter has skated and taken lessons at Skate world for years, and we are so happy to hear that other kids will still be able to enjoy skating there as well..!!

Marilyn Jane Trissll

"Lacing up for the big rink. Thanks Springfield Skate World for always providing a good time!"

Hosea Youth Services

Just wonderful! Berg and Cooper got it right in so many ways and are heroes! Good to know it will be remodeled as well.